Antonio Gardoni creates contemporary fragrances with ancient techniques and modern intuitions. He works at night when the light doesn’t adulterate the chemicals and when the smells of the day disappear...

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Fort & Manlé is a Maison de Parfum whose philosophy is to continually create individualistic, eclectic and often eccentric handcrafted, luxury perfume.
Fort & Manlé is an independent, artisanal perfume house that is founded in Melbourne.

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Where the heart of Arabia meets the soul of French perfumery.

Fragrance Du Bois is the only luxury perfume brand to genuinely combine Arabic artisanal heritage with authentic French and international perfumery.

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Official point of sale Santa Maria Novella

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FRASSAÏ is the first woman-owned niche fragrance house from Argentina. Each fragrance will transport you on an unforgettable journey of harmony. Embark upon a new sensorial experience.

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THE ALCHEMY OF SCENT is Thomas Kosmala. His life journey as
a perfumer began when he arrived in Paris to study the art of classical
perfumery. There he discovered the emotive potency of blending raw perfume materials

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Handmade perfumes created by Ursula & Christian Lengling
Each one of our fragrances is characterized by the two contrasting notes of LENG and LING.

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The fragrances of the Maison MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS are the result of the meeting of two young designers. One is a couturier, the other a perfumer.

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Parfums MDCI, which stands for Marchal Dessins et Créations Indépendantes, is a modest and chic Maison de Parfum whose philosophy is that refined scents are a work of art in themselves rather than merely an industry...

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Memoize London is a niche, high-end label that links every scent with a memory. The luxury label endeavors to evoke emotional experiences through each of its scents.

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Patricia de Nicolaï is a French Perfumer who works as the head of her own perfume company Parfums de Nicolai. She is also a member of the technical committee of the French Society of Perfumers and the president of the Osmothèque.

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Ormonde Jayne - Cult scents avant la lettre
The philosophy of this extraordinary perfume house is based on sophistication, authentic luxury and a relentless quest for beauty and elegance.

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Created in 1827, the House of Perfume and Savonnerie Violet became one of the official perfumers for the imperial and royal courts.

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At Zoologist Perfumes, their fascination with animals is boundless. Their line of perfumes captures the idiosyncrasies of the animal kingdom and transforms them into scents that are unusual, beautiful, fun and even shocking.

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