FRASSAÏ is the first woman-owned niche fragrance house from Argentina. Each fragrance will transport you on an unforgettable journey of harmony. Embark upon a new sensorial experience.

The Founder Natalia Outeda, the founder of FRASSAÏ, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At an early age, she relocated to New York, where she worked alongside renowned floral designer and restaurateur Charles Masson.

She then followed a career in the fine fragrance industry, developing fragrances for major international brands. In November 2017 she launched her first Eau de Parfum collection.

Extensive expertise in perfumery led Natalia to collaborate with renowned perfumers to create a unique collection of perfumes.

“My goal is to meet the distinct desire for harmony in today’s world by creating fragrances that highlight the beauty of ingredients while sharing my personal journey and influence having lived in Buenos Aires & New York.”
– Natalia Outeda – Founder Frassai


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